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"The Invincible Iron Man"

Review by Heckler King

The DVD cover for The Invincible Iron ManSynopsis: An ancient evil Mandarin will rise, his elemental henchmen will overrun the earth, his clay soldiers will slaughter the innocent, unless they can be stopped by… the Invincible Iron Man! Read the full review.

"Fantastic Four (Unreleased)"

A group shot from the Fantastic Four film (badly squashed!)Synopsis: A family of sorts go into space, get bombarded by cosmic rays and after falling back to earth discover they have powers... and are beset by a kleptomaniac leprechuan and a figure from their past. One of Marvel's least seen yet most infamous films. Read the full review.


Welcome to Spandex Cinema!

At long last, an update! Heckler King takes a look at more an animated Iron Man Movie and the infamous Fantastic Four film gets a watching.

Where have the updates on this site been?

Here are my reasons and apology for the lack of updates to this site since last year.

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"Justice League of America"
"Asterix and Obelix Versus Caesar"

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